Thursday, December 23, 2010

Chaos Sorcerer Complete!

Special Thanks my friends over @ House of Paincakes for featuring #1 on their weekly Top X!

Well I finally got around to filling in some gaps with green stuff on the Sorcerer tonight and I think for now I will deem him: "complete" I had some spears I was toying with the idea of making a banner with but I seem to have misplaced them so for now he's as done as he's getting.

Then again looking at the pictures I already noticed I forgot to add some green stuff to finish off the chain hanging from his torso on the right side. Ho-hum... Never to work when your exhausted, You always miss SOMETHING!

A little side by side. I scaled up this guy a bit so he has just over a half a head on a normal marine and about the size of my possessed models (if you didn't know the possessed models are a bit taller) Big onez are alwayz da boss!

Finally a couple of above shots so you can get a look at the book in his hand..... Yes these were taken on top of my washing machine... hey it works!

Well thats it for now! I'm thinking a Rhino or the last squad of Marines next... though that might change depending on whats waiting for me under the tree Saturday morning! Merry Christmas everyone! Think it's time to go watch my favorite Christmas movie of all time: DIE HARD!


  1. Cool conversion!

    And nice selection of bits, the head looks great ;D

  2. I love me a good Chaos character, and this one is fantastic. Well done.