Model Gallery

So if your like me and you have ADD, when you get to someones blog most of the time you just want to cut to the chase and see their work! Well being the easy going guy that I am I added this page! Here you will find a few photos of the squads I have worked on and a link to see the rest of the photos. Hope you enjoy! 

Dark Apostle 

A new HQ you can check him out here: So I know a Chaos Jump Chaplin has been done.

Swift Claw Raptors

Really happy how most of these guy came out you can see them here: I HAVE MODELS!! Swift Claw Raptors
7/8/11 Special thanks to Brent & Loquacious from House of Paincakes for featuring this squad #1 on their weekly Top X!
6/30/11 Special thanks goes out to Ryan from On The Painting Table for his plug on his Space Marine supplemental to the weekly top ten for my Raptor squad!

Rune Priest Chaos Sorcerer 

Don't mind saying I'm really proud of this guy, possibly the best model I've ever converted, Defiantly my favorite.You can check out more photos of him here: Chaos Sorcerer Complete 

Special Thanks my friends over @ House of Paincakes for featuring #1 on their weekly Top X!

Word Bearers Grey Hunter Squad 2
My second "Tac Squad" Above are photos of my two favs from the squad, the attached Wolf Gaurd w/Power Fist & built in combi-melta & the Mark of Wulfen model. The rest of the squad is still without bolter awaiting paint, they can be seen here: Happy Thanksgiving 

Word Bearers Wolf Guard Melta Squad
I built these guys with the intention of deploying them via drop pod for a alpha strike. Worst case they could make my opponent change their deployment & I could drop them somewhere critical. You can check out individual shots of them here: Melta Suicide Squad

Word Bearers Grey Hunter Squad 1
The first "Tac Squad" if you will, I really loved these guys. You can check them all out here: Terra Chainsword Massacre 

Word Bearers "Thunderhoof" Calvary 1.0

The first models I posted here. I really dug these "Thunderhoof" Calvary but are already destined to be rebuilt for various reasons though I do intend to paint them & use them as extras in BIG games. You can see the rest of them here sorry for the cell photos but my camera was on the fritz. :)