Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I HAVE MODELS!!! Swift Claw Raptors!

7/8/11 Special thanks to Brent & Loquacious from House of Paincakes for featuring this squad #1 on their weekly Top X!

6/30/11 Special thanks goes out to Ryan from On The Painting Table for his plug on his Space Marine supplemental to the weekly top ten for my Raptor squad!

Yes I have models!

I give you my Swift Claw Raptors! A few notes: as much as I wanted these guys to fit in with the rest of my Word Bearers I wanted them to look "swift" lightening fast murders if you will. My other models make use of big helmets & lots of purity seal but I decided to leave that all @home on these guys. Also since they have come out I have been DYING for an excuse to buy a box of the sanguinary guard models & these guys gave me that excuse. I felt the angel wings fit after reading The First Heretic & reading that those who the Word Bearers had conquered and introduced the Emperor to as a God considered the Word Bearers literal angels & I kind of wanted to use that... plus I think the angel wings just make them even creepier! Have a look, hope you like them.

This guy the "power weapon guy"in the squad is by far my favorite. I'm usually my own worst critic but I've got to admit that I'm in love with everything about this guy.

Flamer guy isn't may fav but I think he works. I decided to add the special weapon the the swiftclaw pack because I plan on running them as a retinue for a IC with a jump pack.

My second favorite of the squad, I love this guy almost as much as the power weapon chap. I think it's the posses of both that I like so much.

The Mark of Wulfen guy. This is a great example of finishing a model you don't like because it may turn into something you do. I was almost done with him & he just didn't do it for me especially when I started gluing on the wings. I didn't want to use the wings from the possesed box because the IC I'm building to go along with these guys is going to have them & I didn't want to steal his thunder. Once I had the wings glued on all the way and a few other finishing touches finished I actually found i really liked him.

Kind of with the flamer dude... I'm a little meh about this guy... I do like the legs coupled with that chain sword swing.

That's it for now... feels good to be back on the model wagon!


  1. Very cool; great combining of kits.

    Maybe for the last guy rotate his torso, etc. more to the right instead of having him be so front-on.

  2. The model look so awesome, look froward to seeing them painted.

  3. @sonsoftaurus: Yeah I think your right that would help a lot.

    @warflake: Thanks!

  4. Great conversion work! I really like the power weapon guy -- terrific job mate.

  5. @Jabberjabber: Thanks so much

  6. I am not a chaos fan but your conversions are really well done!!