Monday, June 20, 2011

New Models Inbound, Battle Bunker Trip & Finecast.


Yes I REALLY do have models but have been waiting to post them until I get the squad done. Should have some photos up in the next few days of my first squad in over six months!

L.A. Battle Bunker Trip:

Yesterday I had some free time & I was in the area so I took a cruise over the the L.A. Battle Bunker. Looking through the cases of some of the tricked out armies my jaw hit the floor as thier before me was one of my favorite armies of all time:

The photos from my cell couldn't pull off taking anything clear through the case but they wouldn't have done it justice anyway... none of the photos have.... ever. I think we have all seen tons of them over the years but trust me when I say in person this army is flat out "perfect". Lest we forget it's old, this baby was showcased over 6 years ago in White Dwarf #300, some amazing new models & bitz have been produced by GW since then but these guys still look top notch. I've had the pleasure of meeting the master on one occasion & have had the pleasure of seeing a traitor army he took to an L.A. GT years ago ('03-'04?) along with the also-famous Genswick 33rd Rifles but neither hold a torch to the Custodes close up & personal. The mans work is as phenomenal as his he is a cool person to chat up.

Also snapped some other photos of some cool builds on the walls:

Hate to beat a dead horse but the photo doesn't do the Las Gun justice. It looks like you could take it off the wall and make a last stand against a swarm of Tyranids with it.


Now before I get raked over the coals for "Drinking the GW Kool-Aid" know that for years I have refused to buy any metal models. Not for some stand on the price (though it was a factor) but I hated the metals for pretty much every other reason conceivable. First & foremost I love kit bashing & converting & lets face it doing that with metals was a bitch. Furthermore for me there was nothing in metal I couldn't convert from plastic, in fact I relished the challenge. Anyway when I heard GW was going resin I was thrilled.... as for the price... yeah I'm not so thrilled but occasionally I'll throw down for one now especially if it's something I want to convert.

I picked up a Jump Pack Chaplin who will soon be joining to the forces of Chaos. Yes I saw some cast problems but nothing horrid. For the price they should be better & if GW corrects some problems with the second wave I'll be perfectly OK having Finecast models in my collection.

It's not a disaster but still needs some work, if they get them better I'll be thrilled.

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  1. Those photos are awesome, that backpack is as good as stolen.