Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Embrace the Udder Chaos

As I am so found of pointing out my brain can be utter Chaos sometimes. Makes for finishing projects and armies a bitch. So in the past few days I've come to a decision.... embrace the chaos.

I like order, I'm anal. When it comes to armies I like the ones that look very uniform and orderly... like a real army. Yet after 20-30 models I always get distracted by other models that I'd "rather" be building @ this point. So since I love building and converting the followers of the ruinous powers why not embrace the chaos?

So I've decided to build a Chaos army that has all different types of units and looks to each unit. Word Bearers, Berserkers, Slaanesh lovers, the works. After all it's fracking Chaos baby!

Sterngaurd Vets = Noise Marines sounds awesome doesn't it?

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