Sunday, October 17, 2010

First unit built: Thunderhoof Calvary

Well the first models are finished! Our camera is on the fritz and I do not have a proper photo box so I had to settle for my cell phone camera in the kitchen... which didn't do such a bad job of it:

For my normal Marines I plan on using very little possessed parts with exception of a few on "aspiring champions" of those who carry the mark of Chaos (Wulfen). I plan on many "impurity" seals and other twisted versions of pious Imperial symbols. These guys however I wanted them too look like near fully possessed engines of destruction, beyond the cares of decoration or devotion, the berserkers of the Word Bearers if you will. Also I wanted something that looked like it was capable of going on the rampage that Thunderwolf Calvary are capable of. Hope you guys think I pulled it off and like them.

Next is a tactical squad (Grey Hunters) or a squad that will count as Wolf Guard the Anti-Custodes.


  1. Great job modeling this unit, these guys really do look ferocious. The possessed parts are an excellent touch and I definitely like the concept behind them that you described as well. This is a really cool kit-bash, you should be very proud of your work. I'm Looking forward to the next unit, keep it up!

  2. Thanks so much Papa JJ! I really appreciate the support!

  3. Damn! That unit looks pretty cool!!!
    I second PapaJJ, it's a very nice conversion job. I liked a lot the use of the possessed bits with the chaos knights.

    I've recently mixed the chaos knights, possessed CSM and chaos chosen to build a unit of 15 chaos chosen. They all mix very well, and your Thunderhoof unit it's another nice example of that!

    Keep up the good job.

    PS: Added to my blogroll ;D

  4. I've forgotten to ask. Have you considered to use bike-bases?

    Look better for WH40K, IMHO ;D

  5. @Nesbet: Thanks for the compliments! They are much appreciated and encouraging! Yeah I wanted to use the new bike bases but I didn't have any and I was excited to build these guys and honestly I didn't consider it that much of an improvement to wait.

  6. Oh and I added you to my blogroll as well! Thanks for the support.

  7. The chaos knight horses work really well with CSM's. They look good. Might think about dread sized bases for them, unless you plan on using them as bikers also. Im partial to using them whenever possible, they are always a good oportunity to do elaborate bases.