Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My First Poll: Special Weapon Tactica

DOH! While writing this I forgot that Plasma Guns are rapid fire and not assault weapons so take that under consideration while reading this... see it really has been a long time since I've played!:

As I mentioned in my very first blog it's been years since I have actually played 40K, nor have I played 5th edition even once. So I have tactical questions... even if the answers to those questions are just opinion those opinions are much more informed than I am nowadays.

Now obviously in 5th edition everyone and their mother loves their meltaguns and with good reason. The extra D6 to hurt a vehicle and AP 1 are pretty much no brainers for taking down those pesky Land Raiders but does it make sense to include one or two in a squad.

I've always been a fan of the plasma gun personally and to me two of them in a squad makes more sense than a Melta or two. (two special weapons for my Grey Hunters squad) First the engagement range is farther, then the danger to high value non-vehicle units is greater and finally light vehicles still have a pretty bad survival rate against 4 plasma shots at close range. (Like those pesky Dark Eldar Raiders I'm sure we'll be seeing more of.) OK so a Land Raider isn't going to have to watch out for that squad as much but it's not like there won't be other things for it to worry about.

So am I way off base with my 5th edition tactica or does this make sense? I've set up a poll on the side here to see everyone opinions but please leave me a few comments explaining your position... even if it's just "what you prefer" I'd really like to hear why.


  1. I voted for the flamers, but I can see the merit in having one of each depending on what you want to do with the squad.

  2. Yeah the more I think about it the more flamers are making a lot of sense.

  3. I voted for the plasma guns just because I think they're cool. Like Ron said, though, it really comes down to what you want this unit to do. Each combination of weapons is going to have its uses and I imagine you'll eventually have other units to address your army's other needs. Mixing special weapons in this unit could be especially helpful since you're just starting out with a new force and the additional tactical flexibility that provides would be nice as you build up the rest of your collection. If you go that way, the melta/flamer combo is a good one.

  4. I've seen a lot of people skipping one GH and attach one Wolf Guard with their higher leadership, extra attack, very cheap power weapon or powerfist, and possibly a multi-melta (or other multi weapon).

    My suggestion would be to have the aspiring champion be the wolf guard and maybe throw a possessed marine into the mix as a mark of the wulfen model. Modelling wise it would fit real nice:)

    Don't forget the banner either, good to have for sure!

  5. @Flekkzo: Yeah Honestly i got so excited about working on models I didn't look too closely at the codex before I started. I dived into it the other day and noticed that same thing...

    So yeah a Wolf Guard and special one weapon it is.