Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tzeentch is the mother of all Invention... or is it necessity? A Power Fist Conversion

Last night I started work on my first Chaos Marine Tactical squad (Grey Hunters). I really just got most of the legs glued to the bases, mold lines cleaned and a few torsos glued together but one guy I worked on a little bit more. The possessed parts I used to begin the Aspiring Champion of the squad looked really cool together and it kind of drove me to work on him further. When it came time to load him up with a power fist it turns out I only had one and it was the pointy one that comes in the CSM box... It did NOT work with the body or pose at all. I was rather annoyed thinking: "I'm going to have to order one and wait to get this guy done." then in my pile of chaos sprues I spotted a gold mine:


I bought a whole box of plastic Chaos Terminators when they first came out and never really did anything with them. Now I generally like lower cost units in my army so as to have maybe just one more model on the board so the idea of "low" cost power weapon wielding Terminators appeals to me, making the power fists extra pieces. Necessity being the mother of all invention I decided to make the Terminator power fist work for my power armored baddie.

Now I might be WAY late to hop on this conversion bandwagon but in all my blog and forum lurking I don't think I've ever seen it done and it was super easy! I took a bolt pistol arm and sawed off the gun portion from the wrist up then same with the fist, using the power armored fist for reference so I knew where to cut. I got the cuts so perfectly all I had to do was glue them together:

There you have it and it looks much cooler than a regular old power armored power fist bit too! A little cleaning up of all the heresy and it could even make for an ornate loyalist fist as well... and you know there are plenty of Chaos Terminator Power Fist bits just floating around out there for the taking with all those cheap Chaos Termie builds.

Anyway just a simple idea that I really thought turned out cool. Like I said I maybe so out of the loop people might laugh but hey I might look like a genius too! No risk no reward I guess!

Note: Found the camera charger this afternoon so no more cell phone pics!


  1. That guy's looking good, look forward to seeing more!

    I do think that the arm could stand to be a tad longer; as is it looks like the fist really couldn't maneuver much at all, with the pad interfering.

  2. @sonsoftaurus: Thanks! I just finished him tonight and I'm fighting the urge to show him off until the entire squad is finished.

    Yeah the pad is positioned too close to straight up and down. from the very back it looks almost too long and like you said in the front it looks like he wouldn't have much room to maneuver. I really fell in love with this guy now that hes done but I wish I could change that pad a bit now.

  3. Great use of that terminator arm, it looks really good! I've never seen that done before and I'm always frustrated by the lack of variant arms. Thanks for showing this guy off, I'll give it a try next time I'm building a power fist champion. The possessed parts also are a really nice feature, that's a great way of making your squad leaders stand out.

  4. @Papa JJ: Yeah I never thought i had seen it before either. At thins point I plan on using ever Chaos Terminator power fist before I even consider using another one.

  5. Yeah, I like him! that fist looks cool, nice use of bits! And I second that possessed CSM bits are a nice feature :D

    Keep up the nice job!

    PS: And I'm glad you found your charger. Better pics FTW! xD