Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm on a Boat!

Me and the wife @ a wedding chillin' on a boat!

After one crazy weekend I'm back and wow my very small following expanded significantly! Welcome all you new comers! Hope you stay entertained. Just a few quick updates:

The Poll: Is pretty much null and void at the point but thank you all so much for those who voted. You see I forgot rule number one of model building: READ THE CODEX!! I was so excited to start working on models again I sort of ignored all the minor details and options. For instance:

-If my guys are going to number ten men I'm not even going to have a second special weapon
because I'm always going to rock an attached Wolf Guard.

-I planed on a very specific design for my attached Wolf Guard due to some fluff I created that I
will detail soon but I made the "Aspiring Champion" (just the power weapon guy) too damn
cool! Luckily I finished him off with what could be considered a power weapon because I doubt
I'll ever put a fist on him.... now what to do with him....

So kids, read your codex before you glue! ... I'm sure I'm the only one that needs that reminder here but hey you just never know who your going to save.

The Models: The first squad is almost done but work is moving painstakingly slow due to the wife and I's schedule the last few days. I should have some pics up of some stuff tomorrow, I haven't gotten off track just haven't had time... hell I haven't even been home!

Looking forward to a bits order I placed from the Blackdagger Games store. Lots of Skaven Plague Monk parts and some other random Chaosish parts. Also picked up some fantasy Chaos Warriors over the weekend as well... in fact:

The Weekend: Me and the wife had a Halloween/Birthday party to go to Saturday night and a wedding (on a boat) on Sunday. However it did put me within a very short distance to the L.A. Battle Bunker. Regrettably I only got to spend about 15 minuets there but WOW! Have they really put some work into that place since I have been.

Not only did I not have enough time but I also regret not having my camera to snap a few pics of the display cases. There were some AMAZING pieces on display including: two scratch build Warlord Titans and a Fantasy Slaanesh army that was the greatest work of miniature art I have ever had the pleasure (HA! Slaanesh... Pleasure...) of laying eyes on.

I did get to pick up the aforementioned Warriors of Chaos box and The First Heretic which I'm sure will help me stay motivated on working on my Word Bearers Host. I'm only about 70 pages in but it's been interesting so far... I won't ruin it for anyone so please don't ruin it for me but there has already been an appearance by two Primarchs we haven't seen yet (or at least nothing more than a page or two in Lorgar's case) and just a little more than a cameo by the big man himself. I'll let you know what I think about it in a spoiler warned post when I'm done.

Thats all for now, if you'll excuse me I'm off to go chill on my boat with T-Pain and a mermaid!


  1. The second time this week I have said it: Elvis needs boats.

  2. Rich is on a boat! Glad to hear you've been busy and having fun, just be sure you take a camera with you next time you go the Battle Bunker. Funny ending for the poll (D'oh!) but it's still an enjoyable question to consider.