Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Terra Chainsword Massacre! 1st Squad Finished... for the most part.

Well I have some time to kill at work, I have the office to myself, my new models with me and the work camera..... HMMMMM

I've been dying to post these since Monday night but I haven't had the chance. They for the most part are done with exception of a few purity seals I'm still waiting to add and some other small detail bitz I have coming in the mail. Also in the light of the day while taking these photos I found some mold lines that I wasn't able to see at night.... ARGH!

Anyhow without further adieu or excuse making:

I really like how the banner bearers chest plate came out. It's just a loyalist chest with a skull cut down and glued to it. It sill needs some small green stuff work to fill the gaps but otherwise came out great! Makes me want to buy some Vampire Count bits and switch to Night Lords! ... Maybe for my next army.

I always like to add a guy with either two chainswords or two bolt pistols just to change it up. I really like how this guy in the center came out. His pose and look makes me think of some creature in a slasher movie just standing there staring at you because there is no escape. A little Terra Chainsword Massacre if you will.

Here we have the power weapon guy in the squad. I love how you can just cut and glue the Chaos Warrior weapon arm bits right on to Chaos Marine arms and they look perfect. One spot where I slipped with the knife on his glove needs some GS work and I plan on some more impurity seals for this guy.

Last but not least my two favorites! The Wolf Guard pack leader and the "Mark of Wulfen" guy.

I thought it would be cool to make the Mark of Wulfen represent a possessed marine in a squad so as you can see that is exactly what I went for.

This is Baal, my Wolf Guard pack leader and is by far my favorite model in the squad. As I mentioned in my previous post I love how the terminator power fist turned out (though the pad is slightly far forward) and I love the clever arm from the Chaos Knights. Most pack leaders are going to be different looking to go along with some fluff I came up with for the army and this guys was originally just going to be the " power weapon guy" in the squad but after looking at the codex closer (DOH!) I realized I wouldn't be putting a power fist on one of them in the fist place so he was elevated by the dark gods to the pack leader.

Thats all for now. I'll put up some picks of a few more when they are REALLY done. Hope you all enjoy.

Oh and thanks again to PapaJJ for the link to my site today. Much appreciated as always my friend


  1. I really like the big friggin axe/sword thing on the bottom. Where's it from?

  2. The conversions are looking great, they are just oozing with character!

    Keep up the fantastic work!


  3. Yeah! CHARACTER, your CSM are full of it!
    It's cool to see other people using tons of bits from other boxes and get such awesome results!

    Loved the CW and PCSM bits swap! Love it!

    Keep up the nice job!

    PS: Your pics made me want again to start a CSM army! xD (cool conversions = WIN to me)
    I have avoided the army attencional deficit disorder until now, and I'll go convert more marauders to get focused on WHFB! Congrats for your brilliant CSM!! ;D

  4. What more is there to say? Awesome! Love the mixture of bits, this army is going to look so impressive on the table. Great work! Seeing this come together is really making me want to get back to my own chaos projects, thanks for the pictures.

  5. First thanks to all of you for your comments! They really made me feel great and really motivated me to work on minis last night when I wouldn't have otherwise... the blog is working, thanks to you guys.

    @Loquacious: It's from the WFB Chaos Knights box. Quite possible the best $25 you will EVER spend on bits.

    @Big Jim: Coming from you I take that as a tremendous compliment! Hope things are going better for you and we see the Soul Reapers real soon. They really inspired me.

    @Nesbet: "army attention deficit disorder" is genius... I have to steal that term. Especially because my ADD most commonly manifests itself in the hobby like that. Also I can think of no greater compliment then throwing people off track with my work since it's something that has been done to me time and time again. Nice being on the giving end for once.

    Papa JJ: Like I said above I can think of no greater compliment than inspiring people to work on something similar. Thanks for the compliments and all the support!

  6. Th WHF Choas stuff fits on a regular CSM? I got the impression that the scale was different, based on the trays and figs I've seen at the store I frequent.

    If so, I know what I need to buy, but it will take a LOT of converting to make it BT legal.

  7. @Loquacious: All I did was trim the connection point flat and then glued it on.

  8. AADD it's a FREAKING common disorder in wargammers! That, with the never ending need to buy more and more plasticrack, even if you have enough minis to paint a year, and painting evey day!! xD

    It's pretty common to know people who don't have a single army ready, or, that they are building an army, then when the next one comes out, they sell their previous army, buy the new things and the vicious circle continues!

    The other maniac obssession that most of we wargammers share, it's collecting freak things that we found on the street, garbage or other bunch of useless (for 99,9% of the world) things! I grab stones, sand, pieces of bark, and LOTS of other things that I think could be useful for my hobby, one way or another xD

    It has been hard to me to stay focused on my army and my game! I always awnted to start an Iron Warriors army, but I decided not to do it until I have my WHFB army 100% ready (almost impossible, because of the LOOOOOOONG lists of projects this goal contains!).

    Keep up the nice job Rich, and stay with us, focused!!

  9. @Nesbet: HAHA! With the financial situation my wife and I were in it would be impossible for me to start an army if I didn't already have a TON of stuff.... so yeah.. I know EXACTLY what your talking about.