Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello kids, the Word of the day is Lorgar!

Hey everyone.... errr... I mean my one follower. Day 2 and I'm still here, I must be cured!

So I figured it would be a good time to talk about the army I'm currently working on and if you didn't guess by the title what it is then you probably want to go read a few articles on Lexicanum.

Yes friend(s) first on my docket is a Word Bearers force! Way back in 3rd Edition I played Iron Warriors (and no I did NOT use 3 squads of Obliterators!) but I was always sure not to make them TOO Chaosy and used a healthy mix of Chaos and loyalist parts. However I always wanted to build an army that was VERY steeped in Chaos, to me they are just more fun to build, convert & paint. So with that in mind who better than the bearers of the Word of Lorgar themselves?

Now I think most of you know even better than I do that the current Chaos Dex leaves something to be desired so I'm going to cheat and use the Space Wolves codex.... yeah I'm one of those guys. I used to be uptight about such things but as I got older I realized that 40k is spelled: "F-U-N" and really be honest what codex is best for representing a force of 10,000 year veteran Space Marines?


So for my first project I'm going to make some Thunder"hoof" Calvary! Yeah I wasn't cheesy enough to use 3 Obliterators squads back in the day but I'll be damned if I'm not building some Chaos Space Marines ridding on some corrupted horses!

I just started working on them last night so there are no photos of them yet (worst mold lines EVER!) but I will leave you with a photo I stole from Brent over @ Strictly Average to give you an idea of what I have in mind:

Special Thanks go to:

-Papa JJ My first follower who left me a very nice comment yesterday.
-The aforementioned Brent who let me display his fine work and who's work is much better
than just average, love the gold armor color! Or Armour Colour if your across the pond.
-Adam over @ Space Wolves for making me feel better about using the SW Codex with this article.


  1. I've played Chaos Marines for a long time and I definitely would not fault anyone for wanting to use a loyalist marine codex, they're just such fun books. Using the Space Wolves codex for your Word Bearers really does open up lots of cool possibilities and as you said, this hobby ultimately should be fun. Otherwise what's the point? I'm excited to see how you adapt the Space Wolves book to suit your chaotic plans.

    Brent's cavalry choice is an awesome conversion, you've certainly found a good source of inspiration for your own creations. I agree that Brent is selling himself short with the "Average" label. Maybe his friends are all Golden Daemon winners but his stuff looks great to me, well above average for sure. I look forward to seeing how your own Thunderhoof guys turn out, good luck with those mold lines. Solidarity on that front as they drive me nuts!

  2. I have a few ideas on how to use the SW Codex for a Word Bearers army.

    Ferensian Wolves: Demons

    Lone Wolf: A Marine who has fallen to the
    worship of just one god, shunned and feared by his brother Word Bearers.

    Bjorn the Fell Handed: Some sort of dreadnought Chaos effigy/alter thing. I saw a conversion of the Throne of Judgment years ago twisted to the fell powers of Chaos and always wanted to do something similar.

    Wolf Guard: I plan on making a squad of Wolf Guard designed to sort of look and be the "anti-Custodes"

    Anyway thats just a preview of what I have in mind.