Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Melta Suicide Squad

Well the last week has been a tough one on the modeling front. It's been one of those time periods where it feels like nothing is really working. I really wanted to work on my first HQ unit but both attempts didn't work out so well.

First it was a Wolf Priest. It was going well but then I wasn't so sure if I was going to even use one in my army so I put the hold on that one.

Second it was a Rune Priest. Now I'm pretty sure I'm going to be using one of them bad mo-fos but the conversion was turning out sort of weak. I'm planning on a special squad of Wolf Guard models being much more elaborate than what this model was working out to be and obviously I just couldn't have that so that project got shelved for now while I figure out some inspiration on the Rune Priest front.

In between those projects I worked on a small squad that has a very special mission. It's a three man suicide Wold Guard unit armed with Multi-Meltas that will deploy in a drop pod in my first turn to try and take down the enemies nastiest vehicle... or at least do SOME kind of damage. So here are the three models I finished in more than a week of modeling! Argh:

Once again the Chaos Terminators box stepped up to the plate with two of the Multi-Meltas! That box just keeps on giving!

This week it's time to work on the second Grey Hunter squad and my first Rhino.


  1. The last CSM is using a terminator multimelta?
    Jeez! He looks awesome! Nice bit selection!

  2. Actually TWO of them are. The guy in the middle in the group shot is using the one from the Space Marine Commander box i salvaged of f an old mini.

  3. Damn those are some cool looking marines! Ingenious solution for getting more melta weapons, I hadn't thought of using the ones from the terminator box in such a way. Awesome!