Monday, November 1, 2010

Feeling Lost in the Big Bad World of 5th Edition

*Cue wicked sad Incredible Hulk TV show music*

After receiving my bitz order from Blackdagger Games (Who I cannot recommend enough especially for the speed I received my order) I put some finishing touches on my Troops unit towards the end of last week. Then I thought: "Whats to build next?"

Wanting to work on something really fun I decided to work on an HQ, a Wolf Priest to be precise. I tried out some of my first real green stuff work, I've done some basic stuff with it but nothing too serious. I ended up aborting the project but I will say that the green stuff work I did do I was very proud of for a first attempt but it wasn't quite good enough. Made for great practice though.
Last night I started on the Wolf Priest anew but I wondered: "Am I even going to use this guy?"

Good question because I don't even have an army list? Nor do I know about what makes a good one these days. ... where to start?! As I've mentioned previously I'm a 3rd Edition player who stopped playing early on in 3.5.... errr I mean 4th edition, so 5th edition is very new territory to me. That coupled with such a long layoff, it's proving rather daunting when it comes to army construction. So here is what I know about 5th edition tactically speaking:

*Troops are the only units who can hold objectives.
*Tanks good
*Anti-Tank GOOD!
*Two words: Cover Saves

That's about it. I've been looking at Wolf army lists on line and have started to figure on what people like and others don't but I'm also trying to be fluffy with my list as well. So where to start? Anyone have any basic advice for list construction? Thoughts?

Also I'm starting a new poll in the corner. I'm wondering what everyone's favorite Land Raider variant is these days? I was planing on going with just a plain ol'Raider to stay fluffy but the added troop compliments are hard to resist!

What?! Chaos couldn't jack one of the new ones like they steal newer power armor variants? *smile*


  1. mmmm, having some bad time with ebay retailers?

    GO for sure, buy at Hoard o Bits. Best bits store ever. EVER. Ask about in warseer, or try it by yourself!! ;D

  2. No actually Blackdagger is awesome but I'll give these guys a try too.

  3. I like the classic Land Raider configuration probably due to familiarity and maybe some nostalgia, too. I understand however the newer variants make more sense as their weaponry are suited to the role of an assault tank. So I think if I were starting a new loyalist marine or a counts-as Chaos Marine army I'd go with the Redeemer because I imagine it would be a lot of fun to cook marines with the AP3 Flamestorm cannons... ignoring cover is so nice!

    As for list building, I think you've figured out the main issues going on with 5th edition that can influence the type of units you'll likely want to include. Troops are really important and I do not recommend skimping on them. Otherwise I'm more of the "oh, that looks neat!" sort of list builder and base most of my other decisions on personal preference. The Space Wolf codex is such a solid book I don't know if you can really go wrong. Do you know yet if you want your army to have a certain focus or style of play? I feel like once I have a theme for my army the units I include practically choose themselves.

    Oh, and thanks for getting the sad Incredible Hulk music stuck in my head!

  4. Hard to go wrong with space wolves. 2 squads of grey hunters and a long fang squad with 4 missile launchers is a good start. other then that SW are really just about preference.

  5. Redeemers all the way. There's a great feeling that comes from wounding a bunch of marines on 2's and knowing all the while that they're not going to be rolling any armour saves when you're done.

    Well, unless it's happening to your guys of course...