Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well as my wife and I wrap up our Thanksgiving holiday at home away from our families things are sort of getting boring so I figure I'll post to photos of my newly completed squad that I took days ago and have yet to post.

I will say that I'm a little disappointed in this squad compared to the first, with exception of the Mark of Wulfen, power weapon guy and attached Wolf Guard they seem to have a lot less life and character than the first squad. Maybe its because they don't have their bolters yet... I'm not so sure.

I really like how the above guy (power weapon guy) came out. Other than that... meh. The next squad has to be kicked up a notch.

One last thing. The business of life has been getting in the way (or I've been letting it) of modeling as of late. Not that I havn't been... I have just in small short bursts. Also army ADD has been getting to me latley.. ie. seeing other cool armies and wanting to build them instead. Dan the Deamon's Night Lords thread over on Bolter & Chainsword has been particularly distracting.

Yet every time I feel the need to wander it;s the blog that brings me back! :) It's working.

Then again last night I discovered Big Jim's Killzone rules... OMG Maybe a little army ADD will be okay after all. :)


  1. I love the weapon the guy on the right on the very top has. Are those Khorne Beserkers?

  2. It's from the WHF Chaos Knights:

    Best box for converting Chaos ever!

    The power fist is from the Chaos Terminator Lord box.

  3. Thanks very much! I definitely need that box. This is the third conversion/opt out I've seen that I'm in love with- and I think 2 of them were here... =)

  4. I think the squad looks great, I really like how the Chaos Knights' heads look on these guys. That one on the left in the top picture in particular jumped out at me with his awesomeness... same with the power weapon guy as well. I bet once you've got their bolters you'll warm up to them more.

    It's good to hear the blog is helping you stay on track with this army, though I do think Killzone is worth checking out. The nice thing is you can choose your team members from out of your existing collection and don't necessarily have to model something specifically for those games. That being said I do like having an excuse to dabble in other armies that I otherwise probably wouldn't want to make into a full army for regular games of 40k. There really are so many cool things to get distracted by!

  5. Nice to hear your blogging medicine it's working!!

    For me, your conversions are being like cancer. The will of starting with 40K grows every time I see cool conversion, and yours produce that effect, very often xD

    BTW, the last one, the power weapon guy looks OUTSTANDING!

  6. @PapaJJ: Thanks for the compliments they are much appreciated. They have grown on me a little in the past week and yeah I think they will look much better with the bolters installed.

    I think the one on the top left is cool too and was my favorite out of the bolter arm guys... those Chaos Knight heads have been making me look good.

    @Nesbet: Thanks man, like I said before thats the highest compliment I think anyone could ever give me especially because I have the same thing happen to me so often! I love the power weapon guy too!