Sunday, November 14, 2010

Because I'm just really happy with how this guy turned out (so far) #2

Well I plan on only posting photos of entire squads when they are done, like the Possessed Marine in my new squad I like how the attached Wolf Guard came out so much that I just couldn't wait to post him even in his unfinished state. Bear in mind he still is a work in progress, still needs gap filling, some impurity seals and other random Chaosness added.

I wanted to arm him with a multi-melta but 1-I was out of them after building my suicidal squad last week so had to convert one out of the one plastic melta I had left 2-I hate the look of sergeants lugging around a multi-melta in one hand. I planed on mounting a mini-melta on to the side of the power fist but it just looked to big and out of place so i decided to go for a more Huron Blackheart style. I LOVE how it turned out and though it does look too downward angled in the pictures in person it looks perfect when you compare it to the angel the power fist is pointing which I tried to illustrate with the last photo if only it had come out better:

Thats it for now, I'll post more of him when he's done with the rest of the squad. Until then comments & constructive criticisms are always appreciated! Have a great Sunday everyone.


  1. I agree, that model rocks!
    Looks great, and it will probably look even better if you can reposicionate the left hand a little bit upwards. It looks a bit if it's firing to kill a wounded SM laying on the floor xD

    Anyways, looks cool!

  2. lol, thats cause he's pointing.. not firing at the moment.