Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trouble on the Horizon: The WOW Sickness

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine turned out to be OK, the wife and I had a health scare that for now at least appears to be past us pending some check ups in a month or so. All in all it appears to have ended well but I'm still a little bit nervous.

I was hoping to get plenty of 40k stuff for Christmas, especially the new plastic demon prince which I'm going to use as a wolf lord on a thunderwolf. Instead everyone seemed to avoid everything 40k on my amazon wishlist like grandfather Nurgle. Instead I got video games... lots of them. First I got Assassins Creed: Brotherhood which considering how much I loved the first two is dangerous enough! Second was the classic Fable, I just finished Fable 2 and liked it so much that I wanted to go back and play the original.

Worst of all however is that my wife bought me World of Warcraft.... yeah.

Now I played WOW years ago when it first came out and though I enjoyed it I didn't get crazy hooked like everyone else it seemed. Not sure why but I know a big part of it was not knowing anyone else how played at the time.

Fast forward five years later and my wife and I make friends with an amazing group of people and they all play WOW! This tempted me to give it another go, especially hearing about some of the changes in the game over the past few years. Still I decided against it fearing that I would get too hooked and especially fearing that 40K would take too much of a back seat....

Regrettably I didn't tell my wife that....

Last night I gave it a go and I loved it! Much more than I did way back when... this may pose a problem. Is this the end of our noble hero's quest to build an army?! The hot but-her-face blood elves above say YES!

I think my only chance is to let my wife play who is actually very interested and hopefully that won't lead to us buying another computer so we can play together.

Stay tuned! ...or don't cause I might not be here for awhile!


  1. Oh no, you too?!? Congrats on the video game haul and finding a cool group of people who are into WoW. I never got hooked on it but that has more to do with technical deficiencies (terrible internet service) than a lack of interest. I hope you have loads of fun but that you don't end up having to buy another computer. If it comes to that, a second 40k army would probably be cheaper... just sayin'. In case we don't hear from you in a while (i.e., WoW), happy new year!!

  2. when i introduced my lady to WOW she ended up playing it more then i did. beats those facebook games she plays any day. At my old house all 6 of us played, having friends online make it much more enjoyable. even better once we got headsets and we werent yelling down the hall all the time.

  3. @Death OF Angels: good point about those silly facebook games. My wife plays them all the time.