Thursday, July 28, 2011

Army Construction Status

I figured I should average @ least ONE post a month.

It felt like only a few day but it ended up being a few weeks that I took off from modeling but I'm back on the horse & halfway done with my next Wolf Guard Squad, so I'll have some new stuff to show off soon. In the mean time I actually wanted to post something just for me.

Last night I thought that I'd list out the models I intend to build for my Word Bearers to help keep me focused on the models I have to build and those I already have done to show me how far I've come. Like i said it's just for me really and it will help keep me focused.

- Black Cardinal Vaul (Logan Grimnar counts-as)
- Dark Apostle on foot (Wolf lord or possible Ragnar Blackmane stand in)
- Demon Prince (a Wolf Lord on Thunder-wolf counts as)
- Rune Priest 1
- Rune Priest 2
- Dark Apostle w/Jump Pack (Wolf Lord or Wolf Priest)
- Krakus the Outcast, Lord of Skulls (A Khorne devoted Lone Wolf, ergo a Word Bearer heretic)
- Maybe 1-2 Other Lone Wolves (each for another God)
- Wolf Guard Squad 1
- Wolf Guard Squad 2
- Wolf Guard Squad 3
- Swift Claw Raptors (Retinue for the HQ w/jump pack)
- Landspeeder(s)
- Thunder-Wolf Squad 1.0 (these guys are getting redone)
- Thunder-Wolf Squad 2.0 (First unit I did & I'm not totally happy with them.)
- Mounted Demons (Ferensian Wolves)
- Long Fang Squad 1
- Long Fang Squad 2
- Dakka Predator
- Rhino
- Rhino
- Rhino or Drop Pod
- Razorback

Yeah there is a lot of red but as for model count I'm about half way.... not so bad.

More soon.

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